Today I feel stronger and I’m going to do this! Hrrrgh!

It’s a cycle, and one that I should be used to know. At least, I know that the slump will pass and I’ll come out the other side fighting. I just wish I could avoid that stumbling step in the middle. But I suppose if I did, I wouldn’t come out the other side so well…

Wonderful-Human-Being Sarah said something helpful yesterday –

‘And now is the next part, and its something you’ve never done before, the highs are going to be higher than ever before and so the lows are also going to be really low.’

Which is all too true, and something I’ve really noticed along the way. With every stage, it gets a little bit harder and a lot more exciting/scary. And that’s just part of the game. It’s like one of those kids’ gameshows, with the awful challenges. You’ve got to run the course if you want to win, as tempting as it is to give up.

Funnily enough, despite these pit-of-doom lows, giving up as never even crossed my mind. Which is kind of reassuring. Even when I feel like I can’t do it, I know that I’m going to push on and get to a point where I can do it.

I did it with the writing, I did it with the editing, and now I’m going to do it with the querying.

It’s hard and frustrating, but I love it more than anything else and I’m going to win.


So, I have two sentences to write to complete the summary. It’s okay if it’s clunky, it can be smoothed out. I just need the two sentences in the middle of Paragraph 3. That’s my goal for today. 10k in a day? Pfft, easy! 2 sentences? Aaaargh!

Maybe I should borrow a word-catcher from Watkins…