So far, I have a list of twenty-one agents (arranged neatly in an uncharacteristic spreadsheet) and have queried three. Golly I’m really doing this. Right now, I’m being very careful, both with whom I pick out and how I adjust my query for each person. I cannot afford to be complacent. Every single email is important and unique, so it’s worth taking the time to do right. Plus I have a tendency to get excited, so I’m glad I’m forcing myself to take it slow!

It’s been fun going through Manuscript Wish List and gratifying to see both how many agents are seeking YA and how large the proportion of ladies to men there are! I have two guys on my list right now, and I’m very excited to approach both of them, but from all the horror stories repeating that the book world is still male-dominated, it’s good to see that maybe that’s becoming less the case.

Anyway, three queries out and I might do two more today whilst we catch up on Elementary. Very grateful for all the luck and support and confidence shown by my friends, and the tireless efforts of The Wife, The Bro and The Sarah to keep my floating up to this point. I know I’m a broken record, but this book-writing business should not be attempted alone!!