I’m back in my happy place — Revisions!

The call to Agent-Lady-T went amazingly and ended up with a request for the full MS, which is super exciting! She did give me a couple of places to revisit though, so — with the notes from Ink & Insights in mind — I’ve been plotting my course of action.

The biggie with I & I was the weaving of the magical element, and it’s something I can shamefully admit that I skimped on. The construction of my magical elements have been something I’ve struggled with right from the off (which is ridiculous, considering it’s always been a fantasy!) and in the back of my head, I always knew I’d have to address my demons. T felt that the very beginning is slower than it should be, and she also asked for more menace from Big Bad (Urk! I’m not sure I have the courage to do that!) so my plan for today was to make a Plan of Action because scary. Whilst I’m more of a pantser when it comes to drafting, in revision I’m a careful planner. I need a road map otherwise I’m liable to get lost.


I started by deciding where I want the new draft to begin. In this case it’s Scene Two, so I made a quick list of everything important I was going to lose without Scene One, then pur that aside.

Next, I started my weaving plan. The thing about adding in elements like this, is that it affects the MS in a lot of little ways, so I went through the doc and made quick summaries of where I wanted to add in the magic, how I was going to do it and what that would change. I also included a note on PoV and numbered the scenes. Handwriting this plan meant that it was spread out in front of me and much easier to see the bigger picture, which I think is pretty important working on revisions. There’s no point adjusting a scene and leaving it at that; everything in story-telling is a butterfly-effect, so I went through the MS until it felt complete again, narrative-wise.

Then I went back to my List of Lost Gems and marked down the number of the scene I can fit back into, thus getting rid of any lasting loose threads.

Of course, it’s only a plan so far — and I know I’ve got more to do regarding my new first scene — but prediction-wise at least it feels pretty sound.

Wish me luck! I feel like MP’s passing into new territory now!