So I’ve been working on these edits for almost a week, and I’m pushing on and making good progress… But I’m still not sure about them. They feel very big and I’m not quite convinced. I like what they’re doing, but I liked the original too? And I suppose I can’t really tell if they’re working yet. They’re still relegated to their separate document, and I’ll keep going with it until its complete… I don’t know. It also feels like an excuse not to work on Book2 (which is bad. I’m a bad person) Thing is, it’s not just a matter of tweaking; it’s an overhaul of large chunks and whole scenes. And maybe it’s for the best, but maybe it isn’t. And with each edit, the next one gets bigger etc. etc. etc. At least I can see an end to it — it’s only Part One that needs it (thankfully. I think.)

I suppose I’m just looking for distractions at the moment, and I need to get out of that rut and get on with things. I can’t afford to be waiting around for things that might not happen. I need to keep momentum.

I need to focus on Book 2 

I’ve been looking forward to working Book 2 for so long, I don’t know why I’m stalling on it so badly. I suppose it’s a knowing what I want and how to do it but a bit scared that it wo’nt turn out the way it needs to? It’s been so long and so much has changed since the first draft, it almost feels like I’m first drafting again. Which is fine — if it’s what it needs, then it’s what it needs.

I just need to get MP out of my head, but as soon as I do something happens to put it back in the spotlight and I’ve only room for one WIP in my head.