Jet Lag’s a bitch — there can be no denying. It was worth it though! Our flying trip to Britland was amazing (though we spend so little time in each place, there was really no room for it to go wrong!) It was great to catch up with people — family and friends and places — and we saw almost everyone we wanted to.

Highlights include:

  • Meeting the Earl of Devon at Powderham Castle (we don’t talk about the awful sunburn of that day!)
  • Come Along Reunion and new plans for a second anthology.
  • BETH AND RUTH’S ENGAGEMENT! (Their flat/life/relationship is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen)
  • A full spectrum of British weather
  • Tea with T. Okay, so this was the penultimate day of the trip, so I spent pretty much the whole holiday trying not to be nervous and failing dismally. It was amazing though, and came away with a tonne more confidence and lots of awesome notes for Draft Zillion. The changes suggested are not even slightly scary (I had nightmares of huge overhauls and complete rewrites and other such awful things) and I’ve a good plan of action along with a purpose for them.


So now it’s back to normal and back to work, and even though I’m still knackered, I feel invigorated and inspired, and a whole lot less nervous than before. There’s still a lot of hard work to go, but the end is (maybe) in sight, and there is a glimmer of hope, and it might all be okay?

Anyway, I’m really hoping that we can get into a good routine of visiting Britland so it doesn’t have to be so chaotic as this trip. It was really wonderful to reconnect with everyone, and I definitely realise that that needs to be done more.

Plan for MP is to draft these adjustments, print out and fine-tune between now and August. The Big Thing was chapter one, which still isn’t coming right. Unfortunately no-one can really put their finger on Why it isn’t quite there, only that it isn’t. I’m excited to work on it though, especially now I sort of have permission to really trust my instincts. So yes, I’m hoping by August I’ll have a new shiny draft to send out. But it is really nice not to be stressing over a self-imposed deadline.