Well, it’s been a productive couple of weeks since coming home. I feel like our trip away recharged me and gave me a new sense of ‘hrrrgh! purpose!’.

Draft 7 has been tackled and wrangled (yes, even Ch.1) Going into it, even with all my notes from T and the feedback from Ink & Insights, my expectation was still a quick tidy up — nothing substantial.

But holy crap it feels like a whole new book. Not in the sense that anything’s drastically different, just that it feels more complete in a way that I had no idea it could be, if that makes sense? I get very jittery when I think about the book as a whole, and it’s a good jittery. It’s more than I ever expected it to be, so thank you everyone who’s had a hand in Draft 7! (Lucky 7!)

After I made the bigger edits — adding to scenes and characters and such — I did another full line-edit in the fashion I did Draft 6: Reading it as a book with a reader’s eye and making my notes by hand. Luckily there were nowhere near as many notes for this draft as there were then (3/4 of a notebook as opposed to 3 full ones) but I was still surprised how many mistakes had fallen through the cracks. Definitely glad I did that run through! And it only took a week — 5 days for the read through, and then I was lucky enough to start on a Monday when I had the Tuesday 100% to myself to really blast through it. I did a couple of big days — a nine-hour reading one and a six-hour editing one — and they were very satisfying.

Now I’m just waiting for notes back on Ch.1 and then, hopefully, I’ll be able to call it Finished. Again.

In the meantime, I’m back on Book2Draft2 and it’s feeling really right this time; like I can finally dedicate myself to it properly. I’d really like to get this draft done by November, but I’m sure Book1 will trip me up again. I’m finally in a zen place with B2D2 — I’m treating it like a first draft (it’s been so long since the real first draft) and just going where it takes me whilst making notes in the margins of things that I intend to change with Draft3. I thought about going back and tweaking them now, but I know myself and I know I’d get overwhelmed and tangled up if I did that. Better to get it all out now and comb through and reshape later. Besides, the best way to learn about characters and world is to watch them in their natural environment, so to speak. I’m definitely an observer right now, and I really enjoy this part of the process. I really enjoy all the parts, and all for completely different reasons. I’m in the middle of a ‘God I love what I’m doing!!!’ phase, and it’s really nice. Just kind of gentle, after so many months of uber ups and downs. I feel like I’m in a good place (it’s certainly much more productive. I hope it lasts!!)

In other news, a uni friend of mine has started a project compiling stories from creatives about how they got started — a sort of compilation of pep for people thinking about starting out but a bit hesitant. I recommend checking out Start Somewhere, not only because I wrote a thing for it but because it’s such an awesome, inspirational project. She’s always looking for contributors of all shapes and sizes, so please drop her a message if you fancy writing for the blog!

Alright! Today I’m indulging in a scene I’ve been planning for months. Dunno if it’ll make the cut, but I’m excited for it ^^

Later Potaters!