Well, it’s been a little while since I last updated, and it’s a weird mixture of lots happening and nothing happening, mostly in that things are moving at pretty much the same pace as they have been for a while.

Draft 7 is back out after some awesome, stomach-squiggling feedback from T. I just want to jump up and down about this because anyone who’s been around me at all for the last year or so knows how much this Ch.1 problem has been plaguing me. AND IT’S BEEN FIXED!!! I FINALLY HAVE A FIRST CHAPTER THAT NOT ONLY FEELS LIKE IT’S NOT PART OF A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT BOOK BUT I’M SATISFIED WITH IT TOO!! Honestly, I went backwards to get what I ended up with. It’s very similar to what I had a couple of drafts ago, but I didn’t have enough faith in it or myself to commit. But now I can and — as ever — trusting yourself is 99% of the time the best way to go.

Anyhoo, after adjusting the two sentences suggested (yes, two sentences) and doing another full run through, I sent it back across the interwebs to London. And now I’m trying not to think about it. I’m giving myself until September before I think about it again (unless I hear back sooner) and in the mean time, I’m dedicating myself to Book 2.

It’s going well. Chaotic, but well. I’m back in a muddle of drafts and rewrites and half hand-written scenes. Not very conducive to NaNo, but hey ho. I’m learning new things about my characters, which is the most thrilling part of writing for me, and they’re surprising me. This book has a very different focus to the first, I feel. And whilst the shape of the story is pretty much the same, the details are all different. I had an epiphany on the ending yesterday which I’m very excited about. It’s a big game changer. A bit scary as it changes the direction of Book 3 rather drastically (I think) but for the better (I hope???) But now I can see where I’m going, it’s becoming easier to direct the story and development towards it. Just gotta type up all these pages and wrangle everything back into order 😛 Oh, and Carpal Tunnel’s a bitch. My hands are weaklings.

Other than all that, it’s hot and I’m waiting for Autumn/Winter. I’m done with this heat, though the storms are pretty cool. I want everything to smell like pumpkin spice and vanilla, and for it to be lovely and eery and dark in the mornings and snow. Gimme snow!! I feel like I’m in a sticky flux right now.