Wow it’s been… quite a long time! (I suppose this is going to be a theme for a while) So I suppose I’m just going to splurge on everything that’s been going on and hope I get everything!

First things first: NaNoWriMo 2016

Lasstatsnano2016t year’s NaNo frustrated me — I didn’t finish the novel, I didn’t write every day, and I didn’t really push myself — so this year’s theme was really making the best of it. I went in determined to break all my records. And I did. I can now comfortably do 2k an hour; I did a 15k day; I hit 50k by the 12th; I beat my monthly personal record and finished the story at 88k yesterday (the 25th) and validated that evening after my usual Black Friday Marathon. I’m still gunning for a 100k month, I just need to think of something to carry me the last 5 days!

clemandnino_by_grimatina-dapd19eAnd I had the best time. I really enjoyed writing this novel and meeting new characters. I think it’s due to having a planning month and an outline, I could really settle into it quite quickly and I only had one half day of ‘holy hell what am I doing???’ I think this has been the most enjoyable draft to write, and somehow it’s taken the form I envisioned and I don’t think that’s anything I’m going to have to really drastically alter MP-style, meaning I’ll rewrite it but the story itself it’s okay as is. I know I still have a lot of work to do — World-building is my big weakness, and I’ve a lot of that to do, and I’ve a couple of characters whose purposes I really need to solidify or cut. But overall, I’m very happy. It’s different enough to feel like I’ve branched out, but it still feels like mine, if that makes sense. I’m very excited to see it in its final form. I expect I’ll write a sequel next year. I’ve already got a few initial scenes planned out. Next year, I’m going for a 50k week and writing at least the word-count minimum each day. I thought I’d make it this year but the disaster that is the US Election really knocked me out for a few days. Hopefully things will be calmer this year.

for_ladylilymalfoyIt’s been really fun doing a dual 1st person PoV — both voices slip here and there, but I think I’ve got enough right to know how to adjust it in the right direction. I was nervous about a female MC, just because I’m notoriously crap at girls, but somehow she didn’t give me any trouble at all.

I also discovered Word Crawls, and they’re really what got me through this month. I’ve been working through the HP ones, and it’s great having your goal broken down into smaller chunks and little challenges like that. I can’t recommend them enough. I started stalling in Week 2, and I don’t think I’d’ve managed without them. They kept it fun and they kept me going.

And Fantastic Beasts came out.

Holy moly.

It was perfect, both the movie and the timing. It did feel a little like 2013 and Frozen and aaargh ideas thief! But actually it was just crazy inspiring and exactly what I needed at that moment. Maybe the best HP movie ever?!?!? I’m desperate to see it again. Give me everything! I’m a huge sucker for social-political fantasy and asdfghjk it was like it was made just for me. Thank you, powers that be!!

Most of all, though, I rediscovered the pleasure of just writing and story-telling and not worry about all the rest of it. It’s been a year of editing and dipping toes in the Publishing Pond, and it’s been so nice just to write again. I feel properly recharged … in a tiring sort of way!

Delta Hillary Pupper Doggo Wingrove


Look at the precious! This is Delta — she is an eight week old Lab mix, and she’ll be home with us in two weeks! We’ve been thinking about a pupper for a fair while, and then the world went dark on the 6th and we figured we needed a bit more light in our apartment. We met her last week, and she’s just the most beautiful creature I’ve ever seen ❤ We’ve been pupper-proofing ever since and have lots of people excited to pupper-sit for us on the days we’re both working during the day. Luckily most days our schedules are set in such a way that one of us will generally be here with her. Many many pupper pics to come in the near future!

All in all, I think it’s been a couple of months of prepping for a better year in 2017. This year’s been personally good, but it’s been chaotic and stressful, and a lot of finding my feet and who I want to be. I hope I’ll be able to take on 2017 more prepared.