Greetings! I know I’ve really dropped the ball on blogging, but I’ve been catching up with myself piece by piece and this is pretty much the final one.

2017 has been pretty intense so far. I can feel a lot of change in the air, though I’m not sure yet what form it’s going to take. I’ve felt very distracted, and it’s been difficult concentrating enough on the moment to sit down and work. But it’s been happening, and I’m pleased with what I’m doing.

Writing-wise, I’ve been making notes on New Book ready for draft two and working on a couple of shorts for an anthology I’m doing with my uni friends. I’m excited with that came out of the first short, and I’ve plans to expand into a novel. I expect that’ll become NaNo2017. Think ‘The Giver’ crossed with ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’. New Book is a constant source of nervousness to me! There are parts of it that I know needs a tonne of work and, surprisingly, they’re not the bits that worry me. There’s also a fair amount that I’m happy with, pretty much as-is, and I want to keep them as they are but I don’t know if that’s just me with my head in the sand? My usual method is to rewrite from scratch, but I don’t know if that’s the way I should go this time. My plan right now is to print it off, when I’m done with these notes, and consolidate all my feedback so far, then work on each chapter individually. It’s weird, it feels like a stronger book to me than MP ever did, but I’ve almost got more doubts of it because of that?

The second book, it turns out, is harder than the first.

I suppose it’s all the residual doubts left over from MP carrying over to this one. And I wish  it didn’t because they’re so different.

But oh well. This is the way it is 🙂 And I’m sure once I start making tangible adjustments, I’ll feel more in control.

Delta Hillary’s growing up fast into a beautiful dog. I still can’t get over her! She’s just the epitome of ‘dog’ and I love her so so much! She’s four months old now and I can barely carry her anymore, but she’s getting really good at coming when called and following me. We took her to the local dog park yesterday and she was so scared when all the dogs bombarded her to say hello, but she got her confidence eventually and made a lot of friends. Such a relief that she’s enjoys dogs and people! I could talk about her endlessly, but, instead, here are some pics: