Book One in the SIR CALLIE Middle Grade Fantasy Series

Twelve-year-old Enby Callie doesn’t need friends. Between wrangling their ex-hero dad and chasing their own dreams of knighthood, there just isn’t time.

When their dad is summoned to the palace to train a hopeless prince, Callie lunges for the opportunity to finally learn from the best, but quickly learns that no matter how skilled they are, all anyone sees when they look at them is ‘girl’.

Forced to switch out their sword for skirts, Callie chafes at their confines but comes to realize that being a real knight means more than armor and horses: It means staying true to yourself in the face of adversity and defending those who cannot defend themselves. 


Art by Suzanami

Middle Grade Fantasy

In half-magical Laurie’s world, the Empire begins stripping away children’s imaginations at thirteen in preparation for a focused life, but after witnessing the damage to his older brother, Dakin, Laurie wants no part in it. Besides, no imagination means being severed permanently from his only and imaginary friend, Joanna.

Terrified of a lonely, magicless life, Laurie and Joanna grasp at his mother’s old fairytale, The Moon Path, and try to make it real. The Moon Path is the only way to escape across the sea without help or permission. But going means leaving Dakin behind once and for all, and Laurie’s loyalties are split.

To make matters worse, Joanna is becoming possessive and corporeal the closer they come to leaving and the memories of his lost relationship with Dakin pull Laurie away from her. Laurie must accept that he longer needs Joanna as a crutch, and face the full force of her wrath to save his brother—even if that means sacrificing the last hope of the Moon Path and his own freedom.